preschool math game roll and draw a rabbit

Spring Roll and Draw Math Game for kids

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I noticed that most preschool worksheets put a lot of emphasis on reading, but there were less worksheets available to practice math skills.
While we were focusing on practicing counting, I needed a worksheet that allowed students to have fun while practicing other math skills.

I created the roll and draw math game for kids to help students build confidence to draw. I have observed so many students of different ages express they can't draw. This game helps to instill confidence in students to try and realize they can draw. This game is simple to learn to play.

preschool math game roll and draw a rabbit
preschool math game roll and draw a rabbit

How to play the Roll and Draw math game

Supplies: 1 die for the small group. 1 sheet and drawing tool for each student.

How to play this Preschool Math Game:
Pass out a Roll and Draw the rabbit free printable Math Game worksheet to each student.
Make sure each student has: The math game page, and drawing tools.
To see who takes the first turn, each student rolls the die. The player with the highest number goes first.
Turns are taken in a clockwise direction.
When a player rolls the die, they draw/trace the section of the picture that matches the number that was rolled.
If the number has been rolled already, the student passes their turn.
There is no winner really. The goal is to complete the drawing/tracing of the picture.

Note: We use a big foam dice from the dollar store. The students don't have to worry about dropping the die, throwing it too hard, or losing it.

Use this with any Spring, Animal, or Rabbit book as an extension activity.

preschool math game roll and draw a rabbit
preschool math game roll and draw a rabbit

Benefits of this math game format:

Playing this game builds subitizing skills. Subitizing means that one knows the number of a group of objects without actually having to count.

Children practice visual discrimination skills. Visual discrimination is required when discerning the number on the die, and when finding the area on the rabbit to draw.
The working memory muscle gets used while playing this game because the game involves three steps.

Children have to remember what the number of the dice is, then find the matching amount on the page, then draw.

This game builds cooperation. Children can help each other find the number on the page and they enjoy playing together.
Use this game for small groups in a class setting.
Students who are beginners will be successful at drawing because they can trace the lines for each area.

Use this activity with different ages or skill levels:

The format of the Roll and Draw Math Game Roll offers Differentiated Learning.

What is differentiated learning?
“Differentiated instruction addresses the needs of students of differing abilities and learning styles in the same class”. Anyone who has been around a group of children of the same age, probably notices kids naturally learn differently.

Some kids learn visually and are naturally drawn to learning visually. This game appeals to kids who love to draw.

As you know, some kids learn by doing. They might solve different problems in a way that doesn't make sense to another child. This format appeals to kids who are hands on learners.
The versatility of this game allows for kids of different ages and skill levels to draw together.

Educator Benefits
Tried, Tested, Observed- Skill Building-YEP
Kids love it. It's active, It's fun, It's action packed.- YEP
NO Prep- YEP

I have used this as a small group activity for children between 3 and 7 years old. All the children enjoyed this game!

If you like this roll and draw a rabbit math game, you might enjoy this roll and color a rainbow math game!

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