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Shake the Sillies out Preschool Brain Breaks

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Preschool Brain Breaks shake the sillies out
Preschool Brain Breaks
Shake the Sillies Out

I made these because I like to act things out as a teacher.

I especially like to act like an animals. I like to be silly all the time because it’s my go to stress reliever.

Kids are kids and even if they look at me weird, they still crack up. This week I overheard 7 year old boys at recess. They yelled in unison “Captain Buttcheeks” and shake thier legs. When I saw Parker the next day I said, “Never fear, Captain Buttcheeks is here!” His reaction displayed shock and a smile.

Always keep them guessing. oh yeah, and download below.

shake the sillies out preschool brain breaks
shake the sillies out preschool brain breaks