spring roll and color math games

Spring Theme Preschool Math Games

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Spring Theme Preschool Math Games offer children a way to practice skills while having fun!

There are several skills preschoolers will practice while playing either of the Spring Theme Preschool Math Games:

spring preschool math game
  • The Roll and Color games are effective because they teaches 1:1 correspondence.
  • Kids love to play these games because they are interactive.
  • Playing the Spring Roll and Color games promote problem solving because each game requires 3 steps to find answers.
  • The printable game promotes social skills because it requires waiting and turn taking.
  • These games are versatile because mixed age groups and skill levels can play at the same time. (Differentiation)

How to play Roll and Color Spring Theme Games:

How to play either of the Math games:
-Make sure each student has: The math game page, and coloring tools.
-To see who takes the first turn, each student rolls the die. The player with the highest number goes first.
-Turns are taken in a clockwise direction.
-When a player rolls the die, they color the section of the picture that matches the number that was rolled.
-If the number has been rolled already, the student passes their turn.
There is no winner really. The goal is to complete the coloring of the picture.

(We use a big foam dice from the dollar store. The students don't have to worry about dropping the die, throwing it too hard, or losing the die)

Children play either of these two spring theme preschool math games to help build counting, subitizing and visual discrimination skills.

Other benefits of this Spring Preschool math games:
Children can help each other find the number on the page and they enjoy playing together. Children also can learn their colors while playing this game.

I created this game because I noticed one of my first graders losing the subitizing skills he learned in Kindergarten. I came up with this game to use in my preschool, as well as to give support to the first and second grader that came after school.

spring roll and color math games

Tried, Tested, Observed- Skill Building-YEP
Kids love it. It's active, It's fun, It's action packed.- YEP
NO Prep- YEP

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