Summer Alphabet Letter Match Cards, Number Cards free printable

And Then Comes Summer Book to use with Popsicle Alphabet Match
One Hot Summer book to use with Popsicle Alphabet Match

Whether you share the above stories with children, or other summer stories, PLEASE keep diversity in mind. If you live in a rural area like we do, in a low diverse area, read a book that contains something totally DIFFERENT like “One Hot Summer Day”. If you live in a city, read something that contains a totally different world. Read a “similar” book that contains the world you live in, AND a book that is the OPPOSITE of what you live in. Not only does this encourage imagination, critical thinking, but it opens a DOOR. As Dr. Jean says, “The World Changes but Children Don’t”.


Egg and Chick Letter Match

Egg and Chick Letter Match

egg and chick alphabet letter match
egg and chick alphabet letter match

Which came first, the chicken or the egg? You decide.

  • Use these as memory match cards or flash cards.

  • Attach craft sticks, for interactive storytime. Use these “puppets” for counting chicks in story books.

  • Use the Letter E card for Egg, and C card for Chick, and interact along with a Chicken Lifecycle book tale.




Chicks Lifecycyle Books:

  • Let’s Hatch Chicks by Lisa Steele

  • From Egg to Chicken by Gerald Scrace Legg

  • The Mother Hen: the Hen and the Chicks by Jemimah A. Admas

Other  books:

  • A New Chick for Chickies by Janee Trasler

  • Chickies series by Janee Trasler

Building skills with books:

  • Alphabet letter recognition

  • Counting

  • Pre-reading

  • Pre-writing

Incorporate technology with biology and counting:

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