Summer Alphabet Letter Match Cards, Number Cards free printable

And Then Comes Summer Book to use with Popsicle Alphabet Match
One Hot Summer book to use with Popsicle Alphabet Match

Whether you share the above stories with children, or other summer stories, PLEASE keep diversity in mind. If you live in a rural area like we do, in a low diverse area, read a book that contains something totally DIFFERENT like “One Hot Summer Day”. If you live in a city, read something that contains a totally different world. Read a “similar” book that contains the world you live in, AND a book that is the OPPOSITE of what you live in. Not only does this encourage imagination, critical thinking, but it opens a DOOR. As Dr. Jean says, “The World Changes but Children Don’t”.


Preschool Math Roll and Color the Egg

Preschool Math Roll and Color the Egg

otterloveseasterbookOtter Loves Easter is about Otter making and sharing dyed egg after he scarfs all of the candy the Easter Bunny brought him. Woven within the story is counting differently sized items, finding eggs in the egg hunt.


Roll and Color the Egg game

I have observed my students number recognition increase since I included a roll and color game center once a week. I also have them write the number once a week. We are now working on recognizing number 6 dots, and numeral. The dots also help as a common core tool, and both of my students will be attending standard K.

The reason I make so many themes is it’s my #1 effective tool for these skills, and the different themes keep it a game. It is easy to extend our literacy activity with adapting to a book we are reading.

The Pack Includes:

Page with Colored Key and a Page with Blank key to add colors to, 

Page without Key, Key page with colors and Key Page without colors.


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Preschool Roll and Color the Egg Game for 1:1 Correspondence

Preschool Roll and Color the Egg Game for 1:1 Correspondence

Betty Bunny Loves Easter
Book:  Betty Bunny Loves Easter

My students love this game and playing it, has been highly effective for their number recognition. We use a large foam die from the $1 store. If they roll a number that has already been colored, the turn moves to the next player. The first one to have the egg color is the winner.

Pack Pages include:  Color page with Key, Color page with blank key (to be filled in by teacher), Color page with no key, Key page with Colors, Key page without colors.

Here is the Roll and Color Pack Preview:


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