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Preschool Process Art Easter Truck

Easter Egg fingerprint Truck
Betty Bunny Loves Easter
Preschool Process Art Easter Truck

This is a great activity students with sensory issues.  My sensory sensitive toddler enjoys finger printing.  

A Process Art memory project.

Easter Egg fingerprint Truck free printable
Easter Egg fingerprint Truck

Pages in Pack:

The Direct Download Link will be after free printable links, UNDER the Bunny.

Here's an Easter Truck Free Printable I printed out and placed in a $1 Store Frame. These make great gifts too! ( I used this to show students what we were making so they had an artsy idea- our mantra? “Does it need to be perfect?” NO!! 🙂


A Free Printable of a Pink Truck filled with Easter items and says “Easter Blessings”

A free printable with a purple and green dumptruck dumping eggs out! I may use this one next year!

A Baby Blue Pickup with 3 big eggs

Turquoise truck with a bunny (you might be able to do contrasting thumbprints OVER the eggs)


My Fingerprint Egg Truck direct download link under bunny:

preschool easter truck craft