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Social Emotional Learning



  • Learn the names of different emotions
  • Expand Emotion vocabulary
  • Act out emotions to become familiar with what each feels like

Age Level:

  • Toddler through ages as interested


  • Print out the cards in color OR
  • If you only have black ink like I did-
  • print and have the kids color with colored pencils or crayons as a separate activity

Cut the cards and place face down in a pile. All the cards don't need to be used at ONCE. I recommend between 5 and 10 to keep interest, to play on different days.

Game instructions:

  • Play the cards face down
  • Draw a card- read emotion, child expresses that emotion in human form, then in “monster form”

I don't recommend any book reading with this game. This is to explore emotions and learn vocabulary, in a fun way. Children should decided what each emotion feels like and is expressed for themselves.

The next part we will be using a book directly, but in this part, children to interpret for themselves .

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