Sunshine Blogger Award! Unintentional B-day Pressie and yes, I am 50 *again* Thanks..

Quite Welcoming as we just came out of 22 degree weather….sigh

First things First.

I’ve only been following/accidentally unfollowing/following a short time, but her product reviews are super-duper! (my town is so small we have no Target…wahhh, so yeah her Target haul was a fave.)

Since I’m 53-yes I’m still here-Yay, BUT don’t tell anyone 53 waah…I..Sshhh

One Passion

One Pursuit




OH what am I doing for my birthday you ask? tomorrow after church my husband and I are going to our small town arcade and playing my favorite game..honestly it’s part of my new mindfulness practice…you know..virtually shooting zombies is in my top 5..relaxation techniques *snicker*