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Animals with Misleading Names

An Electric Eel is: A type of Knifefish. They are being considered for a new type of power source. (all I can imagine is eel's replacing wire power lines so I don't wanna know)

A Mountain Goat is: the sole species of its group, and based on DNA, related to an OX. (whaaa…?)

Maned Wolf is: The only species of its group. (Translation: no one really knows anything)

King Cobra: Named because they kill and eat Cobras. (Umm just call it Sir or Maam. )

Peacock Mantis Shrimp: it's punch at predators breaks aquarium glass. (Don't even try to eat it.)

I knew the last types so I didn't research.

Post is a public service message brought to you by PAMAMBGI5YD

also known as:

“Pay attention, many animals may be gone in five years dammit”