5 Ideas for Budget-friendly Holiday Gifts

Budget-Friendly Gift Ideas

These budget planners are very effective, I use them. Even when I fall short of my goal, I still save money.

It also helps me separate my challenge money, from my regular budget, so I'm aware of ONLY spending out of my budget saver money.

When I have one row completed, I can spend out of that one row.

I save more money with this method. Because when I use my card, or pay online, spending seems less real. Not seeing/touching money makes it less “Real”.


Before I buy, I inventory.

What can I make? What can I pass over/down as an heirloom?

  • Photograph Albums with Photographs (everyone's photos stay on their phone)
  • Recipes: I was given a recipe box full of 3×5 cards with recipes, handwritten by different family members. As a new mom, I didn't think much of it, 28 years later it is a treasured possession.
  • Just make it: For people who have everything, especially retired folks? There are so many quick gifts to make on Pinterest. DO NOT spend a bunch of $ on supplies, use thrift stores and the $ tree. Make several of the same items in bulk for several people, this saves money and time.
  • Here is a quick cheap gnome craft I made
  • Finally, everyone loves food. I give out apple butter and blackberry jam every year and everyone is thrilled. Freezer jam is inexpensive to make, it's easy to make- with or without kids, and it ALWAYS tastes better than store-bought.

10$ Budget Jar, especially great for those on a tight budget but want to create a savings habit.

$10 Savings Tracker

This method has worked so well that I am creating a Resolutions savings plan, for every month, for the New Year.

Living through Learning, 1$ at a time