R is for Rainbow Tots activity

R is for Rainbow Tots activity

What makes a Rainbow is my all time favorite Rainbow book, I don’t care what age you are, the ribbons are magic.



R is for Rainbow Art Activity

BUILDING SKILLS:  Writing: Letter formation and recognition, fine motor

                                     Science: color mixing experimentation

                                     Math: Counting ribbon colors, counting the colors used.


R is for Rainbow ActivitySUPPLIES:

  • A letter R cut out for each child (free printable) 
  • R is for Rainbow Template (free printable)
  • Oil Pastels
  • Glue Stick
  • Cloth for wiping fingers off


  1. Read Over the Rainbow a few times over one week. During these readings, children count the ribbon colors.
  2. After final reading, introduce rainbow colors and talk about color mixing. 
  3. Demonstrate how to smudge and mix colors using oil pastels.
  4. Tell children we are going to make our own rainbows with oil pastels. We can smudge our rainbows, and mix the colors if we want to.
R is for Rainbow Activity
Getting Ready



  1. The child identifies the letter and glues onto template letter R.
  2. The child chooses an oil pastel and traces the attached letter R, with proper letter formation.
  3. Show children where to make their rainbows on the page. 
  4. Then, they go for it!
  5. Use math again to ask the child to count what colors they used.
R is for Rainbow Activity
Blending A Rainbow



R is for Rainbow Activity

This link is the Letter R’s to cut out page

R template R is for rainbow

This link is for the drawing page

r is for rainbow

Princess or Dragon? Preschool Literacy

Princess or Dragon? Preschool Literacy

preschool literacy activity
Compare, Contrast and Imaginative Play

Read each book by itelf at least 3 different times to the class, over one or two weeks.

Now you are ready to start a discussion about the similarities, differences and what are the same with the class.

  1. Hold up the books, examining and opening a discussion about the 1st story, then the 2nd.
  2. Flip through the Princess or a Dragon first page. Enter into a class conversation about the book main features page by page.  A girl, A dragon, eating, etc.
  3. Then flip through the My 1st New Year book and repeat the same precedure.
  4. Finally, Display the books side by side, and encourage discussion about : same, different, similar.



  • Print the puppets out and have the children cut them out. I printed mine out in black and white so the children could color.
  • Have children place stick in desired place on back, and tape with shipping tape.
  • Give children books and puppets and encourage them to go into freeplay with puppets and books and tell their own story.

Skill building:

  • pre reading
  • pre writing
  • language
  • comprehension
  • fine motor skills