How gaming meets kids psychological needs and what you can do about it

How gaming meets kids psychological needs and what you can do about it

My step son was 13 when my husband and I got together. He spent all of his free time in his dark room playing XBOX.

My adult kids are old enough that they were preteen/teens by the time every single teen had a phone. So they missed the “getting needs met by gaming” phenomenon.

gaming and kids needs
ME= What is gaming what is a gamer what is Halo why do you wear hoodies in 80 degree weather?

Don’t think I didn’t give in, either.

Was it my idea to buy him the latest PlayStation model for his 17th birthday?

Before I accepted reality, I was always on his case/we went on family trips. Like the beach/comic cons etc.

I knew he and many many many too freaking many teens use gaming as their social outlet. But I was ….


As a “teacher”( formal or not) I was in tears with the “wasted potential”. He aced standardized tests in every area– you feel me ?

Yesterday I heard, “‘the psychological needs that gaming meets….'”

I am paraphrasing- what Nir Eyal discussed.

Preventing YOUR communication from looking like mine :

Dad finally DID make son walk to corner store once a day on weekends. He did walk to school which was 1.5 miles away. (remember we live in a small town) At least we knew he got excercise.
This is really difficult if not started before preteen age, regardless of personality.

EVERY small victory is a BIG VICTORY!

Said step son may have spent 12 hours in his room, but doggone it he walked for 30 minutes that same day ha. AND LETS BE REAL. Your kids will be less resistant because it’s not a step monster bringing in all these new ideas into the dynamic!

We want to keep our kids safe, by doing this we have a challenge finding ‘safe risk’ activities. We can’t say “go play outside” unless its a fenced backyard, and we STILL check every 5 minutes am I right?

what evil looks like hahhahaha

By understanding how gaming can grow to meet needs, we have the tools to keep gaming as a recreational activity, to continue meeting needs OFF LINE.

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how gaming meets psychological needs of kids