Fingerprint Easter Egg Trucks : Toddlers- Preschool-Kindergarten Art

Fingerprint Easter Egg Trucks : Toddlers- Preschool-Kindergarten Art

Betty Bunny Loves Easter
Betty Bunny Loves Easter

This book doesn’t have a truck, but it IS about an Easter Egg Hunt. Betty’s siblings try to help her find eggs, but when she realizes she tells them she wants to do it HERSELF. She only finds one egg, becomes upset, her parents console her, she tries again and finds two more eggs. She decides its better to find three eggs by herself then a whole bucketful with help! She’s also kind of an active smarty pants and her siblings have quite real responses. Very Relatable and the current favorite book we are reading.

My Egg Truck Craft, was inspired by the blue farm truck printable, from

If you want a NO prep , adorable Easter Egg Truck, check hers out! Click below, print, dab thumbprints!

Thumb Print Easter Eggs Farm Truck


Easter Egg fingerprint Truck
Easter Egg fingerprint Truck

This is a great activity for those who really can’t stand getting paint on their hands.  My sensory sensitive toddler enjoys finger printing.  It provides a personal record,  without handprint mess. It also provides a less formal, result oriented art process.

Easter Egg fingerprint Truck free printable
Easter Egg fingerprint Truck

Pages in Pack:

Easter Egg Truck Fingerprint Craft Pack Preview

The Direct Download Link will be after free printable links, UNDER the Bunny.

Here’s an Easter Truck Free Printable I printed out and placed in a $1 Store Frame. These make great gifts too! ( I used this to show students what we were making so they had an artsy idea- our mantra? “Does it need to be perfect?” NO!! 🙂

I can’t find the place I downloaded it from, from one of my numerous subscriptions, NOT on pinterest, NOT on google, NOT in my trash! I will add the link when I get the next email from my graphics subscriptions! SORRY but it gives you an idea of frugal fun! My town is SO small it doesn’t have a TARGET, (90 min away over the mountains), so I HAVE to be creative!


A Free Printable of a Pink Truck filled with Easter items and says “Easter Blessings”

A free printable with a purple and green dumptruck dumping eggs out! I may use this one next year!

A Baby Blue Pickup with 3 big eggs

Turquoise truck with a bunny (you might be able to do contrasting thumbprints OVER the eggs)



My Fingerprint Egg Truck direct download link under bunny: