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At my daycare, I work with my preschooler’s older Brother. He is entering 2nd grade this year. I have some elementary school training, including a paraprofessional certificate. However not since Common Core was introduced.

Math Geek Mama doesn’t target Common Core, but she DOES target how to teach math. From preschool through elementary grades. So after reading and applying some of her instruction, my student’s execution of all the common core steps IMPROVED.

If you want some beneficial points to improve teaching math in home school, or how to help your child improve his public school math, check out Math Geek Mama.

We are all busy and can only afford enough time for a few subscriptions. Math Geek Mama is definitely a worthwhile resource to follow, beyond free printables.
Free Number Game worksheet

Free Number Game worksheet

Free number worksheet game
Free number worksheet game

We play these every week so I am continually doing different ones and sharing here. I love Kawaii and bright colors so I try to play these with the students whenever I can. They are just FUN, and math and some kind of art form always seem to go together.

I am incorporating all things spring and bright colors into our environment and curriculum as we had freezing temps just last MARCH. Here, tulips spring up first, chasing the crocuses. Yay for tulips and crocuses!

Moving to high desert mountains in SE OR where it can get below 0 on occassion, many of us are VERY adept at reading the signs as we thirst for spring with fierce cabin fever.

Included in pack:

Worksheet with color key, worksheet without key, worksheet with blank key for color fill in, and KEY sheet.

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