Mother’s Day Gift for Kids

Mother’s Day Gift for Kids

Mother's Day Gifts for Kids


Craft Gift Goals:  

  • Uses materials I already had

  • Students create independently.

My garden isn't blooming yet, I bought fake flowers from $ store for our flower shop for spring unit.  

I keep a collection of various plastic bottles for saving the earth while having fun while saving $, haha.

A friend's daughter outgrew her washi tape, I had a surplus. If I hadn't, I probably would have left that out.

Creation Station Table: (whenever I'm truly inspired I forget to take a picture ha ha)

  •   2 Power Ade bottles with  per student.

  •         3 differently shaped plastic bottles and a corn meal containter 


  •        Random stickers-transformers,to be colored, hello kitty, etc

  •        Washi Tape

  •         Envelopes

  •         White and Colored Papers both folded and unfolded

  •         Markers

  •         Scissors

  •         Small Kawaii Stamp Set with 3 stamp pads

  •        Smaller and cut out, pictures to color (owl below)

I did not include ribbon, guess who's going to be tying the ribbon on, or helping with it? I wanted this to be a no holds barred CREATION, using ALL MASTERED SKILLS.

Favorite Photo= The messy table afterwards!



Acadamic take? Allow students to use as many different materials as possible in expected and unexpected ways.

Mother's Day Gifts for Kids

This is an empty  7-up bottle (green) and the 6 year old decorated it with cards taped all around the bottle! The owl is a colored picture and he wrote on the others.


This is both sides of the same vase.

Possibilities are endless!

Ms. Mel, oldest Daughter, 2 of 3 grandkids
Ms. Mel, oldest Daughter, 2 of 3 grandkids
Happy Mother's Day !