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I like to move it move it and learn my vowels

move and learn vowels

We played this as a break between School-now Home -School Lessons.

I have a very energetic student so he loved this game! Anything moving+learning= permanent skill. We played this during inclement weather which was a great help for getting our wiggles out!

If your students knows the alphabet + sounds, she can memorize vowels. Explain the general idea- that vowels are why we say paper instead of ppr. (ha ha yes its funny to try to say words without vowels) Believe me, he will get the concept.

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PREP: Print the cards out with the Gray-scale setting

Color the vowel letters the same color. Do not color the other letters with that color. Cut cards apart.

Here's how we played:

  • Place cards face down.
  • 1st player draws card.
  • If card is a consonant, player does the exercise on card.
  • If card is a vowel card, player calls , “VOWEL!” and passes the card to another player who must execute the exercise.
  • If it is a Vowel, but player doesn't recognize it, player must do exercise and, choose another card and do THAT exercise.
  • The game ends when all the cards have been used.

Believe me if you play this way it's SUPER fun, and for this 53 yo, the hardest one was trying to do the inch worm with, well-boobs.

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