ADHD and the Mindfulness Groove- Practice = Peace.

Let your Happy New Year Mindfulness flow
Let your Happy New Year Mindfulness flow

A new year, a new journey. Join me and practice mindfulness.

My approach to mindfulness, is a DOING. Instead of NOT DOING- It’s niether possible nor desirable to “Not Do” …sit still, be quiet, you get it.

It’s not the “answer” but it’s a practice that switches the light on. Mindfulness soothes and smoothes during the journey.

What is the landscape of your journey? Choose an external environment that you are drawn to the most.

  • The Woods?
  • The Beach?
  • The City?
  • The Suburbs?
  • Rural Farmland?
  • A Neighborhood?
  • A Coffee Shop?
  • A Mall?
  • A River?
  • A Trail?
  • A Park?
  • Childhood Home?
  • The Moon?
  • If Undecided, find a photo you like and imagine THAT.

Stand and look around your “imaginary” landscape. Visualize it.

This is going to be your place that helps you focus internally and bring awareness and retreat as needed.

Spend moments recalling your perfect landscape, a imagine yourself standing in it. The time you spend doesn’t matter, it can be 2 minutes.

Choose one time a day, to “visit your landscape”. The times can change each day. *Somedays I can sit in my car for 2 minutes and visualize, other days I have to go out into my backyard and sit for 5 minutes, it just depends.

This week, visit your landscape once a day. No time requirement, just picture your landscape in your mind and show up.

Every week we will focus on a different “step” in our landscape using this method. This can also be journaled, using this journey to write your story.