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My Earth Day Preschool to Yours

These are my favorite books about earth day. Thank You Earth is full of photographs with poetic text to accompany each.  The Earth and I, I love Asch's art and the emotional story of Earth being a friend.  I love the earth is a whimsical journey of how to help the earth, but great for short attention spans.

The Earth Day Craft is a no prep extension of any of these books:

  • Color the Earth and Decorations that are going to be used.
  • Cut out the Earth and Decorations that are going to be used.
  • Glue the Earth and Decorations onto a piece of paper.
  • Use Chalk for stars.

Included in the Pack:

-Large B/W Earth with Recycle Symbol

-Earth helper Decorations

-Extra Earth Decorations

-I Spy Page

-Good/bad for Earth?

-Critical thinking, what doesn't belong? This is open ended, student only needs to have a reason for her group base. For example, she can choose by shape; odd one out is the square/heart. OR she can choose by color; odd one out is the black and white. OR choose by symbol; odd one out is earth.


check out our compost experiment (we have now added worms) and our recycling experiment.

Compost Stew book earth day experiment