Valentines Day Activities for kids

how to draw a Valentine Kitten
Young learners can draw this cute and easy Kitty in a Cup for Valentine's Day

Here are some fun and full-of-learning preschool Valentine's Day Activities:

  • Draw a Cute Kitten Valentines Day Card
  • Explore emotions with My Many Colored Days
  • Practice Math with Boy+Bot
  • Read Friendship books with 6 free printable activities
  • Valentine's Day Coloring Bookmarks
  • Valentines Day Coloring Pages
How to draw a Kitty Valentine
Kitty in a Cup Valentine

Watch this video to draw this for a “Happy Meowintines Day” cartoon cat Valentine's Day Card.

I came up with this drawing that involves a reasonable level of fine motor skills. Frequently, preschoolers can draw a wiggly line easier than a straight line. This practice of wiggly line fur helps with fine motor skills. The cup may be a challenge but because the cup lines are DOWN and across, these are easier for children to draw while building fine motor manipulation.

Free Printable Preschool Valentines Day Activities, I Spy, Tracing, math
Free Preschool Valentines Printables

Practice Valentine's Day activities with I Spy, Tracing, and math with the Robot Love free printable pack

This free printable preschool pack includes a math game, tracing, cutting, I Spy and is perfect for a Valentine's Day theme.

Valentine's Day activity with Skittles, SEL, Exploring emotions, preschool valentines day activity
Use Valentine's Day as an opportunity to explore emotions!

Explore emotions with this skittles activity.

free preschool printables valentines day
6 free printable preschool activities to download for Valentines Day

6 Friendship books and free printable activities

I really packed a lot of friendship activities into the post above! I was really new at blogging and making printables constantly for my home preschool! You can download any or all of these as Valentine's Day activities for preschoolers. Or you can do what I did and spread each of these activities out for the whole month.

Activities are going to vary based on children's skill levels and attention spans. I recommend using each of the activities, in “pieces. That means, in small activity time blocks, throughout a month.

Happy Valentines Day free printables and activities for preschoolers
Living through Learning, one Valentines Day at a time