Preschool Math Game Roll and Color A Robin

Preschool Math Game
Preschool Math Game
This is the NEST that ROBIN built, suggested book for Roll and Color a Robin.

This game is great for number recognition and counting. Simply color what assigned number is rolled. Decide the rule if the number has been previously rolled- a. Pass turn or b. roll again.

Direct Download Link underneath robin photo:

Blank template included to use as a coloring page.

preschool math game
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Roll and Color an ABC Flower- Preschool and Kindergarten Math Game

We are mastering letter recognition and targeting sounds. Recognition they know Aa 100%, B 75%, b 25%, C I just introduced because it is one of the easier letters. After we go through the entire alphabet in sequence by three’s, I will target pairs. d and b. e and c-to aid the students forming e correctly by contrasting. p and b, and so forth.

Today we played the first time and it is a challenge for the students which is what I wanted. They really have to follow the steps , slow down, focus and think.

Pack Includes: Instructions, page with Key, (shown above) page without Key, Key Page, and Page with a no color key so colors can be personalized.

I don’t think anyone reads the blurbs but I wanted to explain WHY ha ha.

My 1st and 2nd grader are struggling with common core. The 2nd grader JUST started struggling. My observation is simply the material is not given enough time to sink in. The students are doing the steps without understanding the WHY, or dynamics. I’m NOT anti-common core, I’m anti rushing through material to meet standards.

As a result I am trying to build as much common core methodology with my preschoolers, so they will only have to focus on the actual math work and not the procedures. I started at age 4, not knowing if they were ready but they have picked it right up.

Preschool Spring Craft

Preschool Spring Craft


Preschool Flower Magnet Craft


Benefits:  My take is any age can make these, kids and adults. I think my friend will like the one I made. So it’s practical too right? Like, you can hold stuff up on your fridge with it. It’s light, easy to transport or even mail to someone-if anyone other then me does this anymore. I’m estimating the cost at 2$ tops?

*ALSO- last year’s Mother’s Day craft was, egg carton flower bouquet’s, except we covered ours with glitter. THAT was a lot of prep, I really got sick of cutting all those egg cups out for sure! Then, I had to assist them with putting them together. 

This requires adult supervision. I recommend, not using  strong adhesive while children are in the room.


  • Kid friendly art paint

  • Stamp Pad

  • Wooden shapes- Get the flower shape which is not pictured here.

  • Strong adhesive

  • Strong Magnets

  • Stencil, or a tool to draw the middle with

  • Sharpie

  • Glitter glue pens 

  • Skinny kid friendly paint brush


Supplies are all from Michael’s. My town is so small we don’t have a Target so its either Michael’s, the $ store, or Walmart. I don’t order from online b/c I don’t find the 2d format inspirational whatsoever.

PREP: The only prep is PLAN TIME for each step. Each step requires drying. I planned a day per step.

Realistically? They painted the flower one day, and we rushed the rest this afternoon.

ha. Literally an hour before pick up time as I dug through my recycled containers, to send it  home in so it could DRY. (saved deli hot dog containers ha).

Kids flower magnet craft supplies
Kids flower magnet craft supplies

Spring Magnet Craft Step One
Spring Magnet Craft Step One – ISH

STEP ONE-ish.  I drew the “petal” lines, with a Sharpie.  I used the stencil for center circle.

( design subconciously inspired by Mary Engelbright, realized later).

***IF you get the flower shapes, you don’t have to draw lines at all, just draw the center circle.

Even the preschoolers could draw the lines if they had a photo/example to copy. If they draw them, they might not look like flower petals, AND you will need more time.

Preschool Magnet Spring Craft
Step two, Magnet Craft

STEP 2-ish

AFTER the paint has dried, help student to thumbprint the flower middle (center circle).  We use a stamp pad because I have a student who doesn’t like paint on her finger, AND no mess.

STEP 3- 

AFTER, the thumbprint dried- I glued the magnet on the back.


AFTER, the glue has dried- student paints on glitter glue. I dispersed small amounts out of the glitter glue tubes JUST like I do with paint. That was a personal taste thing and a drying time issue thing.

However much YOU disperse, or if student uses tube etc, have student use a paintbrush at the very end because it will help smooth the globbs.

Again, I do allow – at other times-  process art by using an entire bottle of glitter glue on a project if they want. They have to be able to explore and splurge with the medium before you can expect them to use it properly.  What THIS craft is good for is learning sequencing, following directions, methodology, attention span, LISTENING.

Spring Craft Magnet
Finished Flower Craft Magnet

Upper left is 4.5 year old, Upper Right is 6.5 year old, bottom center is mine because I hardly ever have time to craft ha. AND the kids really like it when I can sit down with them and make my own also.

Students might even be encouraged to outline the edges, especially if they have an example to look at. Later we are going to use this craft as part of our flower study.

(The color in real life isn’t poppy red, but these COULD be used for poppy day hu)