I am an Alphabet Star! (simple alphabet checklist)

My students loved coloring in stars with a sheet that had 50 stars to fill in for reading 50 books. They could see their progress and would count the stars daily. We currently recognize 85% of our letters 100% of the time, so we are moving onto sounds because we have made the mental correlation and understand how print WORKS.

This is for a student to color in the letter that she can recognize AND says the letter sound. HOWEVER, it can be used for letter recognition also.

I made it because its always great to show the students how much they have ALREADY learned, and they each get to track and celebrate their own success with this sheet.

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Summer Alphabet Letter Match Cards, Number Cards free printable

And Then Comes Summer Book to use with Popsicle Alphabet Match
One Hot Summer book to use with Popsicle Alphabet Match

Whether you share the above stories with children, or other summer stories, PLEASE keep diversity in mind. If you live in a rural area like we do, in a low diverse area, read a book that contains something totally DIFFERENT like “One Hot Summer Day”. If you live in a city, read something that contains a totally different world. Read a “similar” book that contains the world you live in, AND a book that is the OPPOSITE of what you live in. Not only does this encourage imagination, critical thinking, but it opens a DOOR. As Dr. Jean says, “The World Changes but Children Don’t”.



This is the Nest Robin Built I spy printables for kids free

Counting and Identification of Common Birds, my students really began paying attention to birds once I started pointing them out! There are 4 to find, Robins, Bluebirds, Crows (or blackbirds, whichever you see locally, remember blackbirds have a YELLOW eye though), AND the “I SPY” bird, which is a pretend bird haha.

This is the Nest ROBIN built, a fun mostly fact book!

The direct download link is below the Robin Photo, chirp!

preschool math game
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I spy printables for kids free counting literacy activity