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Easy Snowman Winter Painting for Preschoolers

Potato Stamp Snowmen

Make a snowman picture using potato stamps

The secret ingredient to this snowman art painting?

Potato stamps!

Preschoolers used mixed materials to “paint' with potato stamps.

Preschoolers benefit from this method of “process art”, developing skills while creating.

The main benefits of this preschool winter art activity are:

Developing fine/gross motor skills (using the potatoes)

Practicing eye/hand coordination

This is a great preschool winter art project that allows children to explore with their senses. The potatoes and paint provide great texture.

Plenty of times I have been stuck with the opportunity to find a “fill-in activity” for kids due to inclement weather.

This winter snowman enrichment activity only requires potatoes, paint, glue, wiggle eyes, a pompom, and a coloring tool.

In the video below I show how to do this winter snowman activity, and of course, I forgot to draw on the snowman's nose!

Just use a crayon or paint stick to draw a carrot nose after the paint has dried.

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