There’s love. Then there’s Preschool Books Love.

I reviewed over 20 preschool friendship books and came up with my top 11 based on specific criteria. Then I created free printables to accompany each book, practice pages for different skills.

I love young children’s books so much that I haven’t stopped adding to my private collection! I love young children’s books SO much, it’s the main goal of this blog. It is the main goal of my pinterest board.

My goal for book lists is to equip myself and other educators to use books as a curriculum basis. When I started developing my own preschool curriculum I always used a book as a base.

However, I found that with most recommended book lists they were often:

Overgeneralized= Applied for the obvious. Z is for Moose can be used for abc’s but also, isn’t kindness showed later to Moose when Moose is FINALLY included?

Silly books are rarely recommended for preschoolers for skill based learning: for example “Rex vs Edna”. Edna is a chicken and wins, and I have tied in this book as a diving off point to study the chicken life cycle.

My Review Criteria:

  • Story meets storytelling standards according to my children’s literacy class criteria.
  • Story needs to be adaptable for shorter attention spans.
  • Pictures need to be easily recognized- for example, not all of my students know what a llama looks like, so I don’t “Llama llama” until, we have talked about real Llamas.
  • A board style is preferable for classroom so children have access to “read” themselves.
  • Each book demonstrates friendship components by “showing” not “telling”.
  • Most books involves a non person character=Inclusive. If I don’t identify with the girl I can identify with the turtle. Or easily identifiable non gendered traits.

Reviews are listed under book, along with a description of its printable.

Books are linked to Amazon Kindle Page.

YouTube link supplied as available.

(I may start an affiliate store, but only because listing books this way are easier for myself and my readers.}


Simple text, great vocabulary builder but easy to comprehend. “Aa is for all of us-be everybody’s friend.” Printable = Heart Lower Case Alphabet cards.
Smick, Chick, Stick. A simple friendship book with little text. A great book to read to introduce rhyming. Printable= Rhyming Picture cards

Truman misses his owner and discovers bravery and a way to escape cage. Demonstrates how to be a friend to small creatures, growth mindset. Contains a lot of text for preschoolers, but some text is easily omitted. Printable=Color a Shape Flower for a Friend.
A great book for acts of kindness friends do for each other. Printable: Robots Match/Memory Game


Lots of wordless pages with pictures. Students can mime along with mime actions. Shows, not tells, Including others. Printable= Heart Counting cards.
A great story that demonstrates opposites, and how friends can be total opposites and still be friends. Printable= Upper Case Craft Alphabet Cards


This book may have too much text for some wigglers, but the illustrations make up for it! I love this book because of nature, because it shows we “share friends” and, of course -wild animals don’t belong to anyone really. Printable= Woodland theme Visual Discrimination Page.


This story can help show young toddlers how friends feel when their creation is knocked down. And how friends listen to each other. Printable= Real Rabbit Photos memory game


You WILL be my friend is a hilarious take on toddler and preschool friendship! All the speech bubbles don’t need to be read to get the story. The bear reminds me of over exuberant toddlers and active preschoolers who try SO hard! Printable= Color a bear valentine for a loved one
I had to add this, I love all the Pete Stories and have yet to meet a young learner who doesn’t! It also is great to explain handing out class valentines. Printable= Finish The Hearts pattern.

Preschool Friendship Books Practice PACK ABOVE includes:







I love this story as a Circle Time Movement book! It has Eric Carle’s animals from his other books, one on each page. Printable= Brain Breaks Animal Movement cards


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Best Preschool Books with practice pages