Roll and Color A Pig

Roll and Color A Pig

 Our small rural town is not diverse, so its incorporated into our curriculum.

We are going to be talking about Chinese New Year. I made this game for Chinese New Year 2019 Year of the Pig activity.

Color and Roll a PIg
Roll and Color a pig for Chinese New Year, Farm, animals theme or just for fun!

No Prep for counting, pre-write & subtizing skill building!

Supplies: Printable(s) /Die


  • Pre-Write (coloring)
  • Following Directions
  • Counting 1-5
  • Subtizing (I see & know how many w/o counting)
Preschool Math skill building game
Silly no prep game with a snorting pig!

How to play:

  • Choose which pig template to print, and print one per child.
  • Child rolls die.
  • Child says number outloud, and colors the picture that matches the rolled number.
  • If that item is already colored, child passes turn if you want the game to last longer. If you desire a quicker game, when child rolls an item that is already colored, child re-rolls.
  • Continue until 1 child has entire pig colored. That child wins.


What is in the Free Printable Pack?

There are two of each page in the pack.

The two pictures shown previously are two of the pages in the pack.

Show below is the pig template page, with the body already colored.


Finally, a separate dice page, shown below.



My preschoolers  play this with each other, with only a little guidance from me. Since this has pictures, not words, it can be used as a center or independent play activity.


No Prep Roll and Color a Pig preschool game. STEM
Roll and Color a Pig Linkie


Roll A Valentine free printable

Roll A Valentine free printable

A no prepe game to use with any Valentine, Love or Friendship book to draw a cute heart! I’m calling our Valentine’s month theme “Robot Love”.😍

A Robot friendship story, Sparrow by Jake Parker.

Another Robot friendship theme book, Spare Parts by father and daughter team, Rebecca and Ed Emberly.

The 4 pages for the game are:

  • A key of dice with corresponding drawings assigned.
  • An example of what a roll a heart can look like.
  • A blank valentine to play with blank dice to fill in corresponding drawings.
  • A blank heart to print out and use.

Remember, the great thing about Roll and Draw games is we get to use math and art! We also use counting, 1:1 recognition, fine motor skills, prewrite skills, subtizing-seeing a number and knowing it without counting it, and common core foundation because of DOTS! Plus it can be as long or as short as they want!

I cover the Heart/Dice page with contact paper but you can do this, or print out on paper, or just print out on paper. OR you can cut a heart out of cardboard and let them use THAT as a stencil and trace around it.

We use white boards, erase markers and large foam dice from the dollar store. That way they can throw the dice as hard as they want (not up high lol) and RUNNNN after it and it gets their energy out yay!