Essential Nanny in Small- Town America-essentially

4 weeks of Stay Home Save Lives….

Bare Bones

  • PT Nanny position down to 8 hrs max weekly.
  • Filed for CARES (contract employee) and Disaster Relief with much help & encouragement from Boss. (insert expletives here)
  • Husband as “essential” employee, on college campus – sans students, still working full time.
  • Marriage.
  • Faith.

YESTERDAY: Do I wear this in the store, oh there’s a lady she’s wearing her mask, wait that customer isn’t wearing one and that cart guy isn’t okay I will just wear it like a bandanna : enter store- oh that customer is wearing one and SO are the cashiers okay I will put this on Does it go over my mouth and nose or just my mouth okay i can’t put it on my nose my glasses are falling off so I will put it over my mouth but it’s not staying on very well just don’t move your head OMFG WHAT ARE THE RULES I am staying 3 aisles away from everyone and heading to the cashier and phew I’M audi okay now where did i park my car….

Magnified challenges:

  • Dealing with the what-if’s
  • Dealing with the I don’t knows
  • Dealing with the tension of the what ifs and don’t knows.
  • Dealing with 5 steps to get 1 thing-small= no Target.
  • Dealing with myself.
  • Dealing with all the social people now populating my anti social spots like in town trails.

added a big dog to our 2 small dog/1 cat pet family

makers gonna make

ultimately NOT ABOUT ME- its not about you

Every spiritual belief is connected to creation. EVERY. ONE

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