St. Pats DIY Decorations for families

I decided I needed more outdoor décor.

I gathered toddler activity supplies and grabbed random items.

St Patrick's Floral Doorstep Decor

This totally looks great to the cars driving past. The light reflects off of the sparkly and shiny bell.

Hanging Paper Shamrocks with Coins

Funky but, admit it..Festive!

I've been playing with the drill and drilled holes in the coins. I threaded it all together with embroidery floss. Oh yeah, and don't forget the washi tape stick. ha

Rock the Shamrock Wreath.

Paper Rock the Shamrock Wreath

Wreath directions from link below. This is the decoration we made that has lasted through

SNOW AND WIND, people!!

For 3 years. Easiest and I'm not exaggerating , quickest & easy. I came up with this because I'm cheap and impatient. ha

Unicorn Shamrocks multi use charmer

Favorite Alert!

I've been experimenting with 3d paper crafts. This one was totally fun to make and it has a UNICORN with a tassel at the end.

I had to FUNK it up. Otherwise it's boring. Shamrocks.

This is very long, it will work lovely for high ceilings. I even had it hanging over my curtains which I liked.

However, the luck kept crying to go outside…

The wind blows it, it hangs straight down like it's suppossed to be like that. ha.

I printed out a shamrock template.

I traced and cut out the shamrocks

I folded 3 or 5 together, placed a long ribbon in center & glued.

I did that all the way down the string.

I cut yellow circles and taped them together with the string inside

I stuck the foam coins on the outside of each of those circles.

Glued 3 Uni heads together ON the string, because the horn is too thin for a hole punch circle.

St Patricks Decorations Decor Ideas charmer

I needed an excuse to make tassels.


Decorations are made from colored printer paper. Fancier papers will be festive and less funky. ha.

Last Minute St Patrick's Decorations