Saint Patrick’s Day Brain Breaks Cards

The celebration of St. Patrick's Day is not too far away. Having a quick, effective, and practical activity on hand is a must from time to time. This short-duration St. Patrick's Day brain breaks activity can help with that. St. Patrick's Day-themed brain breaks make these breaks ideal for the full month of March!

child and balloons for saint patrick's day brain break cards

St. Patrick's Day Brain Break Cards are a great way to include exercise into a St. Patrick's Day-themed lesson plan. As a parent, you'll enjoy these activities as much as your children will!

Games to play with the Saint Patrick's Day Brain Break Cards

These cards can be used to provide opportunities for movement and to build skills kids need in school. Movement helps kids learn better!

Say Baa Like a Sheep/Movement: Children can march around in a circle while making sheep noises.
Wear and Invisible Hat/Movement: Children may stand and put on their invisible hats. Have children slowly bend over until their hats fall off of their head. Have children put their hats back on and slowly move back up to the standing position.
Count your invisible coins/Math: Children can sit down for this activity. Pass out invisible coins to each child. Lead the children in counting the predetermined amount of coins together as a group. Another idea is to allow each children to decide how many invisible coins they received and count their coins independently.
Pretend to bite an Apple/Literacy: Children can either sit down or stand up for this activity. Ask children description questions when they bite their apples. What color is their apple? Is their apple soft or hard to bite? Does the apple taste sweet or sour?
Wave Hello and Wave Goodbye/Movement: Divide children into two small groups. Have one group wave and say hello. Have the other group wave and say goodbye. Children can be directed to combine waving with another gross motor skill movement such as hopping or marching in place.

These activities come in especially handy during inclement weather. Enjoy your St. Patrick's Day Brain Break Cards with the free download below:

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