…intermission..a week in the life of continual exasperation

Pressure continues here in SE Oregon

the new date night with margaritas, hey at least the restaurants are open

I got tired of having a mediocre blog so I applied and was accepted as an online student at ASU. At 53. BA in Digital Marketing. I refuse to allow the future to pass me by with my most exciting days behind me.

The schools are 90% probably not going to reopen here, which really pisses me off. It’s bad enough the PLAYGROUNDS are still closed. If the city school (versus county, we are small) opens, it will be half day. I really am concerned about the ramifications of children not having a childhood, AND parents being the #1 resource for their kids education on top of all the OTHER responsibilities.

While I’m aware and respectful of COVID, we don’t have a lot of people and yet we are being grouped in with the rest of the state AKA Portland, positive case rate.

Boss friend and I sought to open a children’s learning center, where children can attend and get help with their school program. The business we wanted to take over, did not have their fire and other building inspections done. Obviously it can’t be licensed and still operates illegally.

There are more boring details but we’ve hit a dead end at every turn, still looking for a place to buy or rent, to provide this service to our community. Yes we will have to charge but at some point would like to offer scholarships, and it’s not going to be above the basic daycare rate that parents have to pay ANYWAY.

made my first pinata for my friend’s son bday (who i watch)

Not going to go into the hubby workplace but right now they are on one day a week furlough and we are thankful. I think the worst thing for us is the politics and unknowns really. It’s all going to change when the snow and ice hit because college campuses have to be safe but , nothing is simple anymore.

Also I found out there was a strong chance I had cervical cancer, but I don’t. But I could have it on the other side of my uterus and I have a 4″ fiber growing so I need a hysterectomy. I’m waiting to hear for an appt for a hysterectomy or a cancer removal hysterectomy. Thank GOD my husband’s job has great insurance, that should be approved. (anyone else jobs are defined by “great benefits”? that is what we work for now more than $ ain’t it?)

I waited 10 minutes to get my $7 refund, because the store didn’t take down this (expired) sign. THAT IS HOW FRUGAL I AM, thank God for Grandma.

+SOURCE OF STRESS we are training our small male dog to stop harassing the newer bigger puppy. We’ve had to go to a remote collar which gives him a bit of a shock, and he is very stubborn. He is part Blue Heeler so he wants to herd the big dog.

bossy jonesy
gentle giant

It’s exhausting and like having kids who fight 24/7. However the trainer showed us this week how to use the collar and with a couple of bumps in the road it appears that Jonesy is finally submitting.


AT THE END OF THE DAY , TIMES MAY CHANGE, BUT 2 THINGS REMAIN THE SAME: children and nature. Let us all be like each of these.

she walks/runs 1/2 mile and she’s not even 2 yet.
not to be preachy but this is what kept me going this last 2 weeks.

*yay* I’ve been building strength after a ruptured disk and I’m moving from Physical Therapy to the gym. I”m not going to have the strength of a 25 year old, but I will be as strong as I can relatively be without being a health nut haha. My goal is to keep up with the 2 year old. hahahaha

Living through Learning, One Going at a Time