Busy Thanksgiving Kids + Learning

Neither printables nor Google was a thing until my kids were teens. Boy, do I wish I had these when they were young! My (then) ADHD son (now severe mental health diagnosis) really needed to be active100% of the time.

In my preschool I used I Spy and Scavenger Hunt as quick fill-in activities because these low-key activities exercise learning skills.

SCAVENGER HUNT benefits: (both ABC Scavenger hunt and Picture Scavenger Hunt)

  • Excercise the body and mind
  • Reinforces problem solving, i.e. vital critical thinking skills
  • ABC builds literacy skills

I SPY benefits: Math, Visual Learning and Memory skills

Coloring Pages: These are cornucopia's so kids can practice food identification. Use to talk about being thankful for plenty of food for Thanksgiving meal.

Get your kids these activities here

Living Through Learning, 1 meal at a time