What is Thanksgiving? Practicing Thankfulness

Thanksgiving can be tricky to teach to children, especially young learners. Many Native Americans observe the day of Thanksgiving as a day of grief. I always taught Thanksgiving as an occasion to practice being Thankful.

Yes, we should be Thankful ALL Year. But Thanksgiving really gives an opportunity to shine the light and be grateful.

Introduce and Grow Thankfulness:

  • Use the prompts above to discuss and talk about the little things one can be thankful for.
  • Make a Thanksgiving Tree
  • Have your child collect 5 of their favorite toys. Talk about the toys & why they like the toys and are thankful for the toys.
  • Play this video as an introduction to Thankful Activities

In this November Thankfulness Pack, print out the activities to easily assist with helping kids interact with the idea of thankfulness and gratitude.

Check it out here

This pack contains:

-Calendar shown above

-Thankfulness Tree Paper Craft

-ABC Thankful Scavenger Hunt

-November themed activities: Word Search, 2 Mazes, For younger children: Thanksgiving Dinner Picture Scavenger Hunt,

Kids of all ages can play the Roll and Color game for an indoor activity on Thanksgiving day or during the school break.

Keep the Thankfulness Practice Going through Christmas! We can continue the “One Thankfulness a Day” habit even once Thanksgiving is over. Discuss what you are thankful for from today, during the bedtime routine. Not only does this habit grow gratefulness, but it also leads to a lifelong thought-building skill of positivity before going to sleep.

CHRISTMAS? Have kids write Santa and Ask for something for someone else.

Each of my Dear Santa Letters incorporates this idea.

Living Through Learning, One Gratitude at a time