More Math with The Mitten

More Math with The Mitten


We checked out The Mitten by Jan Brett from our local library.

Over the next two days, we watch The Mitten on YouTube The Mitten story by Kids Hut and we read the book each day.  

“The Mitten” and stuffed animals are left out for an activity choice for use during free play.

On the third day, after reading The Mitten, we put the animals into the mitten as I read the book. 

The children don’t care if the stuffed animal is the same as the book. The ones we used do not match the animals. They still learn and we use our imaginations!


Remember, my goal is to get their interest peaked about artic animals, we are not into the STEM of it yet! 

Repeat the first activity only this time using the book, and instead of commenting with “less then more then” comment with “first, next, then” . These are Kindergarten skills, and, it also gives the children a framework for their sequencing. Name it and claim it!

A review of the skill building/concepts:

Artic Weather and Animals= It’s cold and they have to do things to stay warm.

Math: Kindergarten/Common Core= Less then More then, First Then Last

Math: Volume, Sequencing

Practical Skills:  Perserverence (getting the last critters in) Waiting (waiting to put in an animal when the page turns).


During Free Play, he took this container of animals out, and played The Mitten.