3 Little Pigs Preschool Theme: Math Game and Puppets

3 Little Pigs Preschool Theme: Math Game and Puppets

Use the Three Ninja Pigs theme instead to take a twist off the boring path of the traditional 3 Little Pigs preschool theme. Most libraries have this book by Corey Rosen Schwartz (Author) and Dan Santat (Illustrator).

3 little pigs preschool theme, with free printables

This Roll and Color the Ninja Pig goes perfect with any 3 Little Pigs preschool theme. I created the Preschool Roll and Color Games to help build important skills that my preschoolers needed for Kindergarten. My preschool roll and color math game and the puppet printables can be found at the bottom of this post.

The 3 Little Pigs Preschool Theme: Literacy Activity

This is an easy no-prep activity that still packs in a lot of educational value. For this activity you will need to read two books to your children, a traditional story of the Three Little Pigs, and the book The Three Little Ninja Pigs. The stories should be read one after another in circle time though. This makes it easier for children to associate the stories with each other.

Once the children become familiar with both stories, you can lead them into a discussion about the stories. The goal is to get the children thinking about how the stories are different from each other, and how they are similar. This is a very basic way kids are going to learn to compare and contrast.

Ask questions like:

  • What did the big bad wolf do in the Three Little pigs story?
  • What did the wolf do in the Three Little Ninjas story?
  • How many pigs were in the first story?
  • How many pigs were in the second story?
  • Were there the same amount of pigs in both stories?
  • Which story did you like better?
  • Why did you like that story better?
  • Who was your favorite character, or which pig was your favorite?

As you talk with the children you can emphasize what is the “same” and what is “different”. For example, the stories have the same amount of pigs. Both stories have the same amount of pigs, and a big bad wolf, but the little pigs houses are different.

This is going to help kids practice their critical thinking skills and it also builds reading comprehension skills. It's always fun to talk about a book, and it helps children remember the story for the puppet activity.

Print out one page for each of your students and do this activity in small group. Pass out one page for each of your students, and make sure they have crayons, scissors and other coloring tools.

The children should color around the characters before they cut their wolf and pig out. After they are done coloring, have them cut their three little pig puppet characters out. Then they can glue a craft stick on the bottom of the character to make a puppet. I would also add tape to the craft stick where it is glued onto the paper, because the craft sticks don't stay very well if only glue is used.

After the children have their puppets ready, read the Three Little Ninja Pigs book with them. Encourage your students to role play with their puppets. When any of the pig characters talk, the kids hold up their pig puppet and repeat the phrase after you read the phrase. The kids can do the same with their wolf puppets.

The Three Little Ninja Pigs book is easy to repeat, because it is written in a rhythmic way with rhyming verses.

The 3 Little Pigs Preschool Theme: Math Game

I created the Roll and Color Math games to help my preschoolers learn specific skills. All you need for this game is big foam dice, a whiteboard marker and a roll and color page for each of your students.

Skills that preschoolers practice while playing the Three Little Pigs Preschool Roll and Color Game:

  • Subitizing: Learning what an amount is without having to count that amount
  • 1:1 correspondence: Learning how to count each object separately
  • Number recognition
  • Color recognition
  • Matching
  • Following directions

How to play the Roll and Color the Ninja Pig

Pass a page out to each of your students. Have kids take turns rolling the dice in a counter clockwise direction. When a child takes a turn, they color whatever part of the pig, with the color shade that is assigned to the number square.

The roll and color the Ninja Pig Math game printables includes a game with no colors. This is so kids can use the crayon colors that are available. You can also fill in the squares with the colors you want them to learn the names of, and then make a copies.

Do the 3 Ninja Pigs STEM activity and get literacy printables here