Time Management Strategy, make more out of the time you don’t have

You can always make more money, but you can't make more time. A time management strategy is essential for every person in today's busy and multi-tasking world. Whether you are a work-at-home mom balancing all of each family member's needs or an empty nester like me, time management is essential.

You can't make more time, but you CAN make more out of the time you have.

The key is to implement a dynamic, flexible time strategy to base your schedule off of.

This Time Pyramid graphic organizer is simple, yet building this method of scheduling will improve your success in getting things done during those pockets of time you don't necessarily account for.

The free time management printable direct download link is at the END of the post.

The first step to managing time?

Write down every single stitch of time for 3 weekdays in a row. It is impossible to know how to schedule your time until you know where your time is going.

The second step to managing time?

Observe your time logs after 3 days of recording. Where is your time going? I found that it was the small increments of time that escaped my notice. Usually those 5 or 15 minutes through different parts of the day. I noticed that was when I was distracted by a non-priority activity, like checking email. I also discovered that I hadn't accounted for “interrupted time” in my daily schedule.

The third step to managing time?

Watch the video and download the free graphic time management printable graphic organizer. As explained in the video, use the graphic template to organize your monthly, weekly, and daily schedule. As you learn to switch out the “Time Pyramid Blocks” you will find yourself getting more done with the time you have.

This video discusses my application of time management for my passive/active online income business model, including blogging. However, I also add housework to my schedule haha. Apply the PRINCIPLES, not the SUBJECT AREAS of the time management strategy policy.

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