Free Printable Unicorn and Rainbows Pack

Free Printable Unicorn and Rainbows Pack

Free Printable Unicorn I spy pack
Free Printable Unicorns and Rainbows pack.

We are focusing less on our standard letter and number of the month and MORE on critical thinking the 1st three days of this week that starts spring break.

I have observed my preschoolers learn alphabet letters more by recognizing what they aren’t, then what they are. 

We are also using hearts to build shamrocks, and puzzles for these days. I will post about these, as I find the teaching method applied effective and providing hands on experience and problem solving for my students.

Tried and True Rainbow Books! 

The first is interactive, and the rabbit  segueways into Easter. The second segueways nicely into spring blooming and planting.

Direct Download Under Rainbow Below!


Roll a Rainbow Unicorn

Roll a Rainbow Unicorn

roll and color a rainbow unicorn
roll and color a rainbow unicorn

The fun thing about this game is we use the color rolled for whatever place on the unicorn we want to. So, even the body can be three or four colors!

We use a big foam dice from the color store. The kids get a lot of exercise running back and forth to see what they rolled! I don’t have to worry about it getting lost, or, breaking something.

roll a rainbow unicorn
roll a rainbow unicorn in action
Roll and color a rainbow unicorn to build counting, color, number, 1:1 correspondence,, fine motor skills
Counting to see what color

Preschool skill building, counting-number recognition-1:1 correspondence, fine motor practice, literacy, social skills with this fun printable!
Finished colorful unicorns!