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Keep Kids Happy With These Thanksgiving Activities for Preschoolers

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Thanksgiving Activities for Preschoolers coloring pages, I spy, and Scavenger hunt

These “print and go” preschool activities are a hit with the parents. I have a solution.

 Whether you want your children to develop an attitude of gratitude or you

 need something to keep them occupied during a hectic period. 

With these Thanksgiving activities for preschoolers, I provide parents with a variety

 of options so that they may keep their children happy.

These Thanksgiving activities for preschoolers are also awesome because parents can print

them off and take them out to the place they are spending Thanksgiving at.

I have something for you to do with your children that will help them develop an attitude of gratitude and keep them occupied, even if you are short on time. With these Thanksgiving activities geared at preschoolers, I provide parents with a wide variety of options to meet their children’s varying interests and ensure they are not bored.

Thanksgiving Kids Activity Pack 11 Pages

Play the Thanksgiving Activities for Preschoolers Scavenger Hunt, I-Spy Games, and Coloring Pages

Preschoolers have the opportunity to improve a number of abilities by participating in these Thanksgiving scavenger hunt games as an activity for preschoolers. The ABC Scavenger Hunt and the Picture Scavenger Hunt are two different sorts of scavenger hunts that kids can participate in to practice establishing vital abilities.

Searching for the things in the scavenger hunt challenges the young children’s minds and body simultaneously. They are able to improve their critical thinking skills, which are very important for problem solving, with the help of this game. In addition to improving children’s reading skills, the ABC Scavenger Hunt game also provides them with an opportunity to engage in a physically active activity while they are learning.

I Spy Games

Kids develop their counting and math skills while playing a straightforward version of the game known as “I Spy.” In addition to this, visual learning plays a role. Visual learning is essential due to the fact that the visual system is the primary means by which the brain organizes and stores knowledge. I Spy helps preschoolers strengthen both their short-term and long-term memories at the same time, which is a win-win. It is remarkable how even the most basic printable games may not only keep children entertained but also contribute to the development of their brains.

Coloring Pages

Make use of these cornucopias to assist children in developing their food recognition skills. You could also use these to start a conversation about being grateful that there is an abundance of food on Thanksgiving and how appreciative you are for that.

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Play the Thanksgiving Activities for Preschoolers Roll and Color an Owl Game, Bingo, Mazes, and Thankful Tree Craft

Owl Preschool Roll and Color Game

Perfect for Thanksgiving Day! Preschoolers can also have some fun with math and coloring! discusses how using dice games with preschoolers helps “strengthen number recognition, base 10 understanding, and addition and subtraction skills.”

Thanksgiving owl roll and color preschool game Thanksgiving Activities for Preschoolers

How to play the Roll and Color an Owl game:

Find a large foam dice at the dollar tree and write the numbers 1–5 on it, using either dots or numerals. When the children roll the die in this manner, nothing will be damaged in the process. The numbers that are rolled are colored by the children. The roll and color game comes complete with its own set of instructions.

The Owl Roll and Color Preschool game not only teaches children to count but also helps them develop their hand-eye coordination and their ability to subitize. The term “subitizing” refers to the process of estimating the quantity of things without actually counting them. Having this ability and continuing to hone it will serve you well throughout your life.
Since it is a cooperative game, there isn’t really someone who comes out on top. This is an innovative game that I came up with to help my preschoolers get some of their excess energy out and to establish good skills for working together cooperatively rather than competitively.

November thankfulness pack Thanksgiving Activities for Preschoolers

Kids Practice Gratitude by Making the Thankful Tree

The month of November calendar included in this set provides a new suggestion of something for which to express gratitude on a daily basis. In addition, children can make a wonderful thanksgiving present by crafting a paper thankful tree and displaying it in their homes.

How to make the Thanksgiving Tree Paper Craft:

The Thanksgiving tree page, as well as the Thanksgiving tree leaves page, should be printed out. If you would like to print out the example, you can. Have a conversation with your kid about the things they are grateful for, and have them write one word or a sentence on each of the thanksgiving leaves. In the event that very young children do not yet know how to write, they can illustrate each leaf instead. The leaves should then be removed. When all of the leaves have been cut out, students are free to arrange them anyway they like on the Thanksgiving tree page before adhering them with glue.

There are also two different mazes and a word search in this pack. In addition to that, there is a game of bingo that the whole family can participate in together.

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