winter activities for toddlers and preschoolers

Easy Winter Activities for Toddlers and Preschoolers

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Here are four easy winter activities that are fun for toddlers and preschoolers.

Children two years old to five years old will stay busy with these fun activities and a craft.
Each winter activity uses common supplies that are usually available in every kids craft room.

Here are the Four Easy Winter Theme Activities:

Exploring Snowballs
Fishing for Snowballs
Fishing for Snowballs and Counting
Snowman Winter Craft

Here are the four ideas for your happy toddler and happy preschooler learning with play time!

winter activity for toddlers

Exploring Snowballs Sensory Activity

Fill the large sensory bin container with cotton balls. Once children are seated at their table, place the bins in front of them. Allow children to remove a few cotton balls to play with. It is also a wonderful toddler playtime activity.
This makes a great winter theme sensory play experience using all of the five senses. Sensory Play is beneficial for all young children.

fine motor skill winter activity

For the next activity idea, kids use a wooden spoon to scoop out cotton ball and dump them into a smaller container.

Fishing for Snowballs Activity

Toddlers as young as two years old can do this activity. Preschoolers will also love this activity.
This activity helps with fine motor skills and gross motor skills.

Set up a table in the kids craft or play room.
You will need:
A larger container like a small bin or large bowl
A smaller container like a small bowl or box
A wooden spoon
Cotton balls
Bells (optional)

Place the small container within hands reach next to each child. Hand the child the spoon.
Have the child “fish” for the “snowballs” by “catching” a cotton ball in a spoon, then dumping the cotton ball out into the small container.

The next activity is done the same as the Snowball Fishing activity, except number cards are added.

Preschool winter math activity

Download the free printable number cards at the bottom of this post. The cards can either be cut out or left as a whole page. Laminate the cards if desired.

Fishing for Snowballs Preschool Counting Activity

Give the big container of cotton balls and the wooden spoon. Place a number card, or the number page next to the container.
Have kids scoop out the amount of Cotton Balls to match each number on the card.

paper plate snowman craft

For this activity you will need:
Cotton balls
Coloring tools
Paper plate

Paper Plate Snowman Craft

Kids first draw a happy face onto the paper plate.
Then the kids glue as many cotton balls as they want on the paper plate to complete the snowman face.
Let dry.

Now you have four ideas you can bring out on the spot when the kids are stuck inside because of inclement weather! Any of these ideas help young children build the skills they need. Learning through play is the best!

Here is free resource I have to go with these activities:
Living Through Learning 1 Snowball at a Time

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