Winter activities pack for preschoolers

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Free printable January Activities Calendar

This free printable winter-themed pack for preschool/kindergarten/other early learners, can be used in a variety of ways. Combine the activities or use each activity separately from each other.

Practical activities to do with kids at home, especially helpful in inclement weather. This free printable activities calendar gives ideas for kids to do when they are bored. Enrichment activities can also be fun. Fill in time with watching a show about animal migration, hibernation or draw an artic fox.

free preschool printable craft free printable kids winter craft
free printable no Prep Paper Craft Activity

Children can cut out, glue and hang up this fun winter birds free printable activity. Discuss what birds do in the winter snow. Do the birds fly away or do they stay? Where do birds get their food when there's snow everywhere? Combine this printable craft activity with an activity on the free printable calendar, like making a bird feeder.

free preschool printable preschool kids winter scavenger hunt
free printable Preschool Scavenger Hunt

Take this printable scavenger hunt out with young learners during a neighborhood walk. If it doesn't snow where you live, you can use this with winter books as an I spy game when locating items in the book. Scavenger hunts help memory and build categorization thinking skills in the young brain.

free printable winter alphabet scavenger hunt for kids
free printable Preschool and Kindergarten ABC Scavenger Hunt

Use this free scavenger hunt inside or outside or both! This free preschool or kindergarten activity is a game while learning letter sounds and practicing literacy skills.

free printable winter word search for kids
free printable Word Search Worksheet

Build literacy skills with this word search and combine this printable word search with drawing activities. Have children pick five items on the list to draw.

kids winter activity preschool winter game free printable preschool printable
free printable winter maze

This free printable maze for preschoolers and other early learners will help practice those fine motor skills as well as problem-solving skills. Combine this activity with talking about bear hibernation, and encourage kids to build their own den using couch cushions!

preschool activity winter maze kids activity pack free printable
free printable Preschool maze activity

Preschoolers and kindergartners can work on their problem-solving and fine motor skills with this free printable maze. Combine this activity with the free printable bird house craft.

preschool math game kindergarten math game preschool roll and color
Free printable Preschool and Kindergarten Math game

A fun way to learn math. This free printable Roll and Color Math game is fun for all ages. I have played this game with preschoolers through 2nd graders. This game helps learn numeric value visually, as well as teaching subitizing. Subitizing is when you can look at something and know the amount without actually counting it.

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